Frequently Asked Questions

This event is designed for anyone interested in leather lifestyles. TIL is for singles, couples, triads, quads, or whatever the combination. Likewise, any orientation is more than welcome. The workshop topics cover self-exploration as well as relationship building workshops. If alternative lifestyles or orientations offend you, then TIL is not for you. We expect open-mindedness.

Together in Leather is owned and produced by a Master and his slavette. TIL is not associated with any group or organization. We also have a outstanding staff of individuals helping us with the endeavor. This is a not-for-profit project and our financial goal for the event is to break even.

While TIL does not offer SM activities as part of the event, we may have a local club open their social to TIL attendees for an additional fee.

Because of the type of event TIL is, we don't expect any trouble whatsoever, and have had no issues of this type in the past. The facts are that TIL does not offer a dungeon nor do we offer any workshops or demonstrations on SM technique. Legally speaking, this event is purely about free speech. Any attempt to shut down TIL would be a clear-cut violation of our constitutional rights to free speech and assembly.

Contest Tickets are available separately. contact us for more informations.



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