9.00AM/Leather Shamanics: Transcendent Journeys
Spirituality and the M/s Dynamic
11.00AM/The Role of SM in Master/slave Relationships
Receiving Service: A service workshop with focus on the Dominant
1.30PMRegistrationThe 'Single' Daddy/boy 
Passing It On: Daddies & boys Talk about Mentoring
3.30PMVendor MarketFunctional Communication in Master/slave Relationships
Dealing with Illness or Death in a M/s Household
8.00PMSpeed MeetingStaying One Step Ahead, While You're One Step Behind
Family Affair: Look at Leather Families
10.00PMFetish Social NightFetish
Social Night
Social Night

Speed Meeting:  Come join us for Speed Meeting, your chance to get to know other event attendees. This fast paced interaction is derived from speed dating where people have four minutes to chat with someone before moving to the next person. Not just for singles, this meet and greet is for anyone who is interested in getting to know other people at this event.

Fetish Nightclub w/ Kinky Karaoke: After the Opening Ceremonies, we will host a very special "nightclub". Dim lights, a cash bar, and kinky karaoke will set the stage for a very interesting and fun evening.

Together In Leather

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